The mission and vision of Miracles for Mito is to insure families are not alone in navigating this complex disease. Here are some of the ways we help: 




Weekly support group calls will be moderated by MaryBeth Hollinger, RN, MSN.  Hollinger has over 12 years experience within the mitochondrial disease community, with 9 years experience fielding phone calls from patients and families as well as running support groups for this community. The support group is available to mito families and caregivers, and a variety of topics are covered each week.  Only a phone is needed to participate, so families do not have to worry about cost, travel, child care, food restrictions, germs, sudden fatigue or other symptoms, and more!

Calls are held on Tuesdays at 10 am MT and Thursdays at 7pm MT. The toll free call in number is 1-855-886-5126.


Join us every third Tuesday of the month at Children's Hospital Colorado. We meet at noon;  lunch, snacks and water are provided. This is an opportunity to meet with your mitochondrial ambassadors, ask any questions you may have and connect with others as we navigate this disease and the medical needs required. Conference room will be posted in events page. 

In-person meetings are currently suspended due the COVID-19.

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Miracles for Mito sponsors family support group meetings on a Semi-Annual basis. These events are from 11:00-2:00 on Saturday or Sunday. Lunch, child care and nursing is provided. We also feature a guest speaker. Topics will range from Medical testing to Medicaid Waivers but will always focus on the needs of our mitochondrial families. 

In-person meetings are currently suspended due the COVID-19.

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