In the spirit of strength, because nobody should walk this journey alone. 

Miracles for Mito Update Regarding the Coronavirus: 

We know you have read up on it, watched the news updates, sat silent as friends tell you the flu kills more people and perhaps bit your tongue a little when people tell you there is nothing to worry about. 


We also know you are frustrated by the hoarding; because you really do need Purel when your nurse comes to visit, or gloves when working with a PICC line. Your child needs to wear a mask when going to the hospital. And really, who took all of the toilet paper? 

We joke but we are well aware that the common cold can put our mito loves in the hospital. 

In response to recent updates; we have postponed our Patient-Family Caregiver Meeting scheduled for April 15th on the Anschutz Campus. This is in partnership with the UMDF, Dr. Michio Horiano and Dr. Austin Larson. We were very excited about this meeting but it is not worth putting our doctors and medically fragile community at risk. 


We will also be postponing any face to face social gatherings through April. 


Please note! We are here for you all during this stressful time! Please join us for our Tuesday support group calls. Please reach out if you need to talk to someone. We understand the anxiety this can generate… are not alone. 


The UMDF has shared two links with us that we would like to share with you: 


Link for Families:

UMDF Scientific Medical Advisory Board Position:

As you navigate this uncertain time, please reach out to Miracles for Mito for family grants, Ubiquinol, or a gift card if you are at Children’s Colorado. 


Please connect on our Facebook page if you need to vent about the Germy Germisons who decided to stop by after their cruise. HA! Really, who would do that??? Oh we know. 


Keep safe. Keep vigilant about your health. Know that you are not alone. 

Heather and Maria. 


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